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We are honoured to title our latest project with this renown noble family name and to be able to use the family’s insignia as our logo.

The MASANOBU family originated from Ishikawa prefecture, located in the west of Japan, on the Japan Sea coast. Unsurprisingly, a key part of the Ishikawa menu comes from the sea. Fresh fish and seafood are vital here.

The best known local food from this prefecture is Kaga Kaiseki (加賀料理) which has been considered as a strong rival to Kyoto Kaiseki cooking. It is a delicate cuisine, beautifully presented and based on the finest seasonal ingredients from sea and mountains.

The MASANOBU family has continued to live up to their name – which means ‘Trust & Honesty’. A strong nobility feature which transcended into the origin of our hospitality. Masanobu practices Omotenashi, a Japanese hospitality, where every service is presented from the bottom of our heart – honest, no hiding, no pretending.


Our Chef

No stranger to the Indonesian culinary scene, Chef Takashi Tomie first stepped onto Indonesia’ Food & Beverage industry 6 years ago as the Executive Chef of Enmaru Jakarta at Altitude at The Plaza.

Known for his skill and creative rendition to present traditional Japanese Izakaya (and his different hair colours), Chef Tomie is very serious about his culinary craft and always makes sure that all food are prepared, served and enjoyed the best way it should be.

Presenting the finest ingredients with no pretence, Chef Tomie is bringing you to ancient Japan through modern Japanese cuisine along with Teppanyaki and Robata style of cooking, surrounded by cosmopolitan Jakarta with its modern and sophisticated ambiance, detailed with Japanese flair.

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Modern, minimalist Western-style furnishings are accompanied by traditional Japanese décor accents, including Japanese light fixtures, clean-lined room, which seats 75 diners. A gentle wash of muted greys, brick walls, light natural wood and stone create an airy, relaxing, and refined ambiance. Immerse in an ambience that is soothing and inviting, with light tunes piped in, as you enjoy your meal or a special evening with friends and loved ones.